Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome Turner Tyler Thompson

Welcome Turner Tyler Thompson to the world.
Turner was born the night of May 3, 2009 at Logan Regional Hospital.
Turner is the first grandson on the Thompson and Rose side of the family. He is just so super cute and we are exited to have him in the family, and as you can tell by the picture Natalie, Ellie, and Tyler are thrilled to have him part of their family.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Marci's First Time Golfing

Jason has always wanted to take me golfing, so we finally decided to go. We went out to The Skyway Golf course in Tremonton and Jason started to teach me how to golf. I told him that he couldn't make fun of me because this was my first time. I did okay but definitely have a ways to go. I still need a lot of work on my back swing. We rented a golf cart and we played 9 holes. I got frustrated towards the end and ended up not finishing the 9 holes, that I ended up regretting later because I was so close and I shouldn't have got so mad and upset because I thought I was doing bad. Jason reminded me that it was my first time golfing and that I was doing fine. I felt bad after because I took out some of my frustration out on him. Sorry honey!
We will have to keep going golfing and practicing so I can get better, and I will have to learn not to be so hard on myself and not to get mad at Jason because all he is doing is trying to help me and support me. Next time I hopefully wont ruin the experience in the end like i did with this time around. I seem to do that a lot. I really need to work on not getting mad over things that I don't need to get upset over.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Build A Bear

For Jozelan's birthday party we went down to the Gateway's Build-a-bear. We made a golfing dog and named him "Duke", after my dog Duke.

Jason and Marci with their Build-a-bear final result

Jason dressing Duke

Jason and Marci after we picked out what we were going to "Build"

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Our First Easter Together
Jason coloring eggs

Marci coloring eggs

This is the end result of our first eggs we colored being married and for Easter. As you can tell while boiling the eggs one of them broke and its guts got out. HeHe! Does any one want a sunny side up egg for breakfast! I will have to work on my boiling techniques.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sigma Theta Tau Induction

Marci and Jason at the Sigma Theta Tau Induction

Darwin, Laurie, and Jared at Marci's Sigma Theta Tau Induction

Marci and Jason after Marci Got inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau Society
Marci was invited to be inducted into the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International. This presentation was held at the Mckay Dee Hospital in Ogden. It is an honor to be invited into this society since you have to be asked to join.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Marci and Jason. Our birthdays at three days apart from each other. Jason always makes fun of me because for those three days I am two years older than him. Yes you read right I am one year older than Jason but there is one benefit because they say that the husband usually dies first so this way I will have one less year of being alone. LOL!

Happy 23rd birthday Marci. Jason made me a nightstand and I love it.

Happy 22nd birthday Jason. He was excited to get an air compressor so he could use his staple gun.

For our birthdays we invited our families to go eat at ABC's in Riverdale. It is a very yummy place to eat at.

This is the owner Jon, he played us a song for our birthdays with a leaf and an instrument he made. I think it is amazing!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jasons Bad Luck

Jason was going down the stairs in our apartment and he slipped down the stairs. It really hurt him and got really bruised. We decided to go to the doctor to see if he broke his toe and guess what. . . . . . . . HE DID BREAK HIS BIG TOE!!!!! Really the only things we could do for his broken toe is to either put it in a boot or splint and wrap it. And since he couldn't wear a boot to work we just doctored it ourselves. Poor Jason!

Jason's broken toe wrapped

Jason's poor swollen, bruised, broken toe